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Karla. Cracked legacy.


A few decades ago in the 1960s, fuelled by a misguided vision to increase farmland, the authorities emptied ancient Lake Karla and caused major damage to an ecosystem that was thousands of years old. Wetlands perished, and biodiversity suffered, taking with them the livelihood of whole communities as well. The mythical Lake Voeveis-Karla – once described as a paradise where the Argonauts built their kingdom – now lay barren.

This season’s inspiration is the literally cracked legacy lake Karla left us.
The pain and the hope.
The wisdom and the ignorance.
The greed and the austerity.
The nostalgia and the dream.

The earthy tones, the cracks, the pleats and the textures prevail. The softness of silk and the sharpness of linen brought to life through the design compose a collection full of sensitivity, purity and luxury based on memory and vision. Classic details and cuts seen through the fresh eye of the designer are converted into a futuristic model, always consistent with the brand’s minimal chic line.