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SS - 17


FALF Minimal Chic Collection is inspired by specific forms of art featuring clothing with a free, lightweight sensation and a dancing motion. This season's inspiration is the correspondence between the high plain "Altiplano" in southern America which hosted several pre-Columbian cultures and the plain of Thessaly in Greece, known as home for neolithic cultures and different tribes throughout history. Two geographical crossroads meet and form a unique personality. This campaign blends the colours and the lines of the two plains creating a new secret place of feminine minimalism.


To show, bring to light, reveal, become evident

FALF Minimal Chic collaborates with the minimal artist Zoi Roupakia introducing the new series PHAÍNŌ,  which includes T-shirts and scarves in various colours with different embroidered designs.  Zoi Roupakia is a machine learning engineer and an artist into conceptual minimalism. Her work is defined by the simplicity of minimalism and reveals the depth of human interaction, feelings and thoughts. What remains of a moment once the noise is removed? And what is needed to reconstruct it? A few simple lines and a concept tell a story, express an emotion, weaving reality. Read more behind this project in her page.


Satin jumpsuit 

Linen waistcoat and trousers


Sleeveless one-piece jumpsuit 

Satin tunic and trousers


Linen tunic

Gauze top and skirt


Dancer's dress

T-shirt "Phainō" : Minimal Kiss


Minerva dress

T-shirt "Phainō" : Love. Couple. Minimal. One line.


Photographer : Michael Koronis
       Model : Eleni Tarkasi
   Make up : Xrysa Tsigara
               Hair : Anastasia Mpali